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Token Reward!!

Tokens Reward program has been canceled.
We are so sorry that our tokens reward program has been terminated since 1 St April, 2003.
Tokens reward program has been used for over 2 years, and over millions tokens had been used in this period. We wanted to keep this program forever. However, according the market has been changed, we have lost over two hundreds on every ended auctions day on eBay, and we have lost over three thousands every month on eBay!
We are not able to afford such lost by selling on eBay. First solution is terminated the tokens reward program. If this cannot be help to make our company lost lesser, we may need to increase the shipping charge of items sold on eBay. That's not enough to cover the packing, handling, and postage shipping with one extra dollar for one extra item. However, until now, we do not have any plans of increase the shipping of items sold on eBay. If we have any changed on our shipping policy of eBay items, we will inform all bidders on our description page of each auction.

Terence Tse
1 St April, 2003




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