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About Our Company

  Update of about me. (1st March, 2015)
Our family business was moved to China and run wholesale business. After the change, I had stopped renew this online store or posted on eBay. According my eyes problem, I had to retire on 2009. Since my only daughter did not run jade business, carving factory and shop are all sold to my cousins. I enjoyed my new hobby as remote control helicopter for few years. Last autumn, I got letter from bank and noticed the three safe boxes rent  were redicious high prices. I know it is time to clear my collection and rest stock. Please visit my store or my eBay and I will try to add all my stock and collection.
Our store has been opening since 1960 in Hong Kong. We have our own factory in China, and also we buy the jade stone directly from China, and Burma. That's why we can keep making the price in the cheapest.
We opened this store online, because we have found the Chinese jades is becoming more populate all over the world. On the World Wide Web, we found NO store for really about Chinese jade, and selling in reasonable price.
We are Chinese Jade/Jadeite wholesaler in Hong Kong. We would like to meet more retailers all over the world, and also we would like to provide an easy way to purchase real, & natural color Chinese Jade directly from us-- Chinese jade wholesaler.
Why spend a thousand dollars on the air-ticket to China, or Hong Kong, and buy a fake Chinese jade? Or purchase a Chinese jade in very expensive price?
This Chinese Jade business is our family business, since our grandfather (in China in 1910).
Buy cheaper! Buy better! Buy safer! Buy happier! Those are our point on how to serve our customers.



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