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My collection and stock of jadeite #CJ06904

Purple Chinese Jadeite (Hard Jade) [Grade A] Raw Stone
It is a raw stone of jadeite whose outside was carved as a bangle. It has beautiful purple colors and in excellent quality. It is in around size of 43 x 43 x 11mm. This was from jadeite stone and made bangle. Bangle was cut out and left this piece. It was not done any shinning work so it has rough surface. I had put little bit water on surface when took pictures. It was from a very large jadeite stone and it had over 200 bangles carved. I kept this because I had learned Chinese writing around 15 years ago and used it as a paper weight. It has nice purple colors and could be used on any design. This is jadeite raw stone so suitable tools is needed if want to carve it. For example, if put a cutter point on the jadeite stone, it grind black on surface of jadeite. However damaged side was the cutter. The steel was locked as powder on surface on jadeite and the point of cutter would become flat. Suitable tool is needed if want to carve it.

Item No. CJ06904
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