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Index of 2.4Ghz FPV Camera/Transmitter/Receiver for Micro Helicopter or any micro models

This is my FPV Mini CP. It is Mini CP. I used the WASP Nano CP canopy as I like green although it is little bit too big for Mini CP. It is so cool with the LED light in front and can view from my computer screen. I had tired to record the video but my AV USb stcik's driver or software did not run on my Win 7. AV stick was purchased several years ago......
It is very different when viewing from display and controlling the helicopter. I am still trying to get used of it. The camera and AV transmitter are ultra light. Included wires, it is only around 2.3g. I cut a small hole on canopy and used little bit hot glue. Transmitter had been sticked on servo. 

This is sample as soldered my camera and transmitter. The plug was removed after final tested. It is very simple. On the camera, four wires were already soldered in factory. I just need to connect the red wire and White wire if LED light wanted. If LED is not needed, just leave the white wire or solder it away. On the picture, I soldered pair T-Plug. The male is used on receiver of heli. and female is used on battery. In fact, if running it on Mini CP, Ladybird, or Super CP, we can get power from upgrade port. Then it is more easy as no share power is needed from battery. However my Ladybird V2 does not have the FPV port (now, Ladybird V2 has this port to supply power) and I also use it on my WASP Nano CP, so I soldered pair T-plug on it.

Please click on any pictures below for enlarged picture for clearer view.
Combo of FPV

Combo of FPV for Micro Models
Item No: FPV-MMO-Combo

Sold Out

Combo Included:
1) FPV Micro Camera with LED Lights Item No: FPV-08-Camera
2) 2.4GHz 50mW 200meter Video Stereo Transmitter Item No: FPV-VS50-Transmitter
3) 2.4GHz Video and Stereo Receiver Item No: FPV-186-Receiver
4) 3 wires plug (Used on Walkera's upgrade/micro FPV port for power)
5) Pair T plugs (used to share battery in case model does not have the upgrade/micro FPV port)

Please check items listed below for instruction.

FPV Micro Camera

FPV Micro Camera with LED Lights
Item No: FPV-08-Camera
US$68.00 Now Only $48.00
Sold Out

Weight : 0.8g
Size: 23 x 7mm
Input: 3.3V~5.0V (Cannot over 5V)
Output: AV signal (PAL) 720 x 576 resolution
Light:  6 LED
Description: This is best FPV camera I have ever seen. It is ultra light and very tiny. I have tested it two days and found it is pretty clear. Installed on canopy, it can be used for night flying with six LED those are very bright.
Instruction: Camera has four wires soldered.
Red wire is (+) power input (3.3v~5v).
Black wire is (-) power input (Ground).
Yellow wire is video signal.
White wire is LED.

Micro CameraCamera installed on Canopy

2.4GHz 200meter Video Transmitter
2.4GHz Transmitter

2.4GHz 50mW 200meter Video Stereo Transmitter
Item No: FPV-VS50-Transmitter
US$28.00 Now Only $18.00

Weight: Near 1.2g
Size: 18 x 17mm
Input: 3.3~5.5V
Output: 2.370~2.510GHz 50mW (600Meter)
Description: Included antenna, it is less than 1.2g. It has 50mW output for Video and Stereo sound. Factory has another one similar as 50mW and only 1g but after tested, I find this one is more powerful signal and against other effects. It has 4 channels.
Instruction: Please click on second picture and it has numbers remarked and here is function of them. It has 8 channels but one of resistor needs to be removed. So let's keep it as 4 channels. When CH1 is connected with Ground (-), it is 2.414GHz. When CH2 is connected with Ground, it is 2.432GHz. When CH3 is connected wih Ground, it is 2.450GHz. When no CH connect, it is 2.468GHz.
1: Audio (Right) Input
2: Audio (Left) Input
3: Video Input
4: CH1
5: CH2
6: CH3
7: Ground (-) Power Input
8: Power Input (+3.3~5.5V)

2.4GHz Receiver
2.4GHz Receiver

2.4GHz Video and Stereo Receiver
Item No: FPV-186-Receiver
US$28.00 Now Only $18.00

Sizes: 42 x 30 x 6mm
Input: 3.3~5.5V
Description: This 2.4GHz receiver is widely used and most updated version. It has video and Stereo Audio Output, 8 Channels, clear image, and audio in ultra low power consumsion in tiny size. Since the output is AV standard, it can be used on many devices such as video/DVD recorder, TV, Portable AV devices, and AV USB stick. I have a AV USB sticker that purchased many years ago as used to convert some old video tape into AVI. I am planning to solder this receiver on the USB stick so I can view and record video on my computer. BTW:  USB stock has 5V power input so it can be powered with USB directly.
Instuction: Please click on second picture as it has remark. It has Eight Channels.
BX is not connected with Ground:
CH1 & CH 2 connected Ground, it is 2.490GHz
Only CH1 connected Ground, it is 2.390GHz
Only CH2 connected Ground, it is 2.510GHz
CH1 & CH2 not connected, it is 2.370GHz
BX is connected with Ground:
CH1 & CH2 connected Ground, it is 2.414GHz
Only CH1 connected Ground, it is 2.450GHz
Only CH2 connected Ground, it is 2.432GHz
CH1 & CH2 not connected, it is 2.468GHz <<----This is the Transmitter default frequency. So if we use the default channel on transmitter, we need to connect BX to Ground on Receiver.
On left:
GND: Ground (-) Power
P_EN: Power Switch. If no power swict, please connect it with the power Input (+)
+3.3-5V: Power Input (+) 3.3~5.5V (Connect this port with P_EN if it has no power switch)
6.0M: Audio (Left) Output
6.5M: Audio (Right) Output
Video: Video Output
BX: Channel Selection
CH2: Channel Selection
CH1: Channel Selection
On the Right side: GND/ANT/GND -- Antenna. Can be replaced with a 2.4GHz Antenna if necessary.

Sample soldering when I have tested these FPV.....urgly soldering but only testing. Showing out as wires are clear for understanding. The power plug is simply Walkera T-plug. AV plug...cut from somewhere xbox or other AV device.
The power (+) input is soldered on +3.3-5V port and P_EN port as no power switch is used.
The Power (-) black color is solder to GND, AV cable's, and BX port. As my transmitter has no CH port grounded,  frequency is 2.468GHz. So, on this receiver, I need BX grounded.
Video cable has two layers. Inside has another wire, it is connected to Video port. Outside wire is connected to Ground. So the (-) black wire need to connect to GND port, AV cable (outside layer), and BX port.

Sample Only