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Jadeite is world class gem. Jadeite has another name as Chinese Hard Jade. Having name of "Hard", Jadeite is the hardest jade, and the most valuable jade. According Jadeite has rich and unique colors and value, Chinese loves it, and believe Jadeite can bring them peaceful, lucky, wealth, and health. So Chinese believe Jadeite can improve their life. That is why so many people call Jadeite as Chinese Jade. Jadeite also beomes popular in the whole world, because more and more people know the value of world class gem.
After retired six years, I decided to clear my collection and rest of jade those were ready for online business. Without update jade products on my online store since 2006's, I am happy as I can push myself to work out my stock and clear them out without paying expensive safe boxes from bank.  Lastly, hope all enjoy my collections.

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For my personal hobby after retired from jade business, I am selling Walkera's Helicopters and Spare Parts as well. Please click here to enter my RC Hobby Store.




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