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Jadeite is world class gem. Jadeite has another name as Chinese Hard Jade. Having name of "Hard", Jadeite is the hardest jade, and the most valuable jade. According Jadeite has rich and unique colors and value, Chinese loves it, and believe Jadeite can bring them peaceful, lucky, wealth, and health. So Chinese believe Jadeite can improve their life. That is why so many people call Jadeite as Chinese Jade. Jadeite also beomes popular in the whole world, because more and more people know the value of world class gem.

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Special Jadeite Special Items

Pendants Pages:

Unique And Best Jadeite Pendants


BEST Jadeite Lion And Three Legs Toad Pendants

Jadeite Double Rabbits And Pearl Pendants

Beautiful Jadeite Monkey Ride Horse Pendants

Jadeite Dragon And Phoenix Pendants

Most Beautiful Jadeite Tiger Pendants

Jadeite Lovely Scared Baby Pig Pendants

EXCELLENT Jadeite Goat Pendants

BEST Carved Jadeite Dragon Pendants

Beautiful Jadeite Double Fishes Pendants

Onsale Pages:
Translucent Jadeite Fish Split Pendants

Beautiful Honey Jadeite Dragon Pendants

Jadeite Beautiful Lion Roll Fortune Pendants








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